Jingle Production Package

$1,690.00 $1,490.00

Every package is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your brand, with production quality.


Producing an effective jingle is a unique skill that requires the best talent, an experienced creative team, and the right facilities. Mixdown specializes in creating award-winning music for brands.

We teach young children through music and song. Nursery rhymes help children learn to form sentences, and we remember these for a lifetime. Using this tool has contemporary marketing power as it always has and always will.”

We know that promotion budgets are difficult to get these days, but there is no reason why you should sacrifice the caliber of your branding. At Mixdown, you will always get the best because we care what it sounds like.

You will receive an editable full music bed and sing, as long as requested and a full license. Jingles can be a donut, front, weave, or end sing. All edits for free.

¿Cómo se produce un jingle?

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