Online Songwriting Class: Writing Hit Songs

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In this course, we’ll share the techniques successful writers use to craft vivid, memorable songs. At least 4 classes per month should be booked.


Whether you’re a relative beginner or an experienced songwriter, you’ll learn how to brainstorm ideas, overcome writer’s block, and express yourself more effectively in words and music. Combining technical principles with pure creative expression, this hands-on course will help you find your voice, sharpen your craft, and create songs listeners will appreciate and remember.

Upon completing this course, you will have learned to:

Create memorable verses, prechoruses, choruses, and bridges
Choose the most effective song form for every song you write
Understand the structures behind the hits
Generate better ideas more easily
Use structures, harmonies, and melodies to support and enhance the emotional intent of your lyric
Craft song sections that connect, contrast, and flow together into a unified whole

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-At least 4 classes should be booked per month.


Lesson 1
Writing a Chorus

The Chorus
Setting Up the Groove
Choosing a Key Color, Tempo, Rhythmic Motive, Feel, and Style
Standard Harmonic Phrase Length
Harmonic Ideas for the Chorus
Harmonic/Melodic Tools for Emphasis
Standard Phrase Length
Phrasing Types
Standard Chorus Types 1 and 2
Standard and Surprising Moves in Choruses
Title Placement

Lesson 2
Common Verse Types

Lyric Moves
Musical Moves
Counterpoint Types
Varied Repetition
Phrasing Types
Developing Verse Ideas into Verse Sections
Contrasting the Verse and the Chorus
Harmonic/Melodic Contrasts
Chorus as the Emotional High Point
Overall Verse Chorus Form

Lesson 3
Bridge in Verse Chorus Forms

Lyric Content
Lyric Form: Standard Types
Creating Variations of Standard Types
Harmonic Movement in the Moving Bridge
Variations on Standard Types
Review: Varied Repetition 1
Building Intensity
Placing of the Sections
Placing the Bridge

Lesson 4
Standard Chorus Types

Building Section Lyrically
Five More Standard Chorus Types
Contrasting Ideas
Contrasting Ideas: – T – T, T – T – Chorus Types
Harmonic/Melodic Contrast
Developing Ideas into a Chorus
Building a Chorus with a Cadence
Connecting the Chorus to Verse 2

Lesson 5
Chorus—Variations of Standard Chorus Types

Creating Variations of Standard Types
Add a Line
Varied Repetition 2—Surprising Emphasis
Subtract a Line
Replace a Line
Vary a Repeated Title
Surprising Phrase Length
Stack Standard Types for a Double Chorus
Combine Variation Tools
Chorus on the 12-Bar Blues

Lesson 6
Verse—Variations of Standard Types

Build Intensity
Ending on the V chord
Changing the Phrase Length
Add One or More than One Phrase
Connecting the Verse to the Chorus
Verse on the Twelve Bar Blues
Verse and Chorus on the Blues Form
Contrasting Examples Using Verse and/or Chorus Variations
Contrast in Blues Form

Lesson 7
Modulation in the Verse/Chorus Song Form

Three Types of Modulation
Parallel Key
Relative Key Modulation
Surprising Key
Modulation into and out of Two Sections

Lesson 8
The Verse/Pre Chorus/Chorus Song—Type 1

Writing Process
Chorus Types
Verse Types
Type 1 Pre Chorus
Surprising Form

Lesson 9
The Type 2 Verse/Pre Chorus/Chorus Song

Verse Types
Type 2 Pre Chorus
Chorus Types
Emphasis and Emotional High Point

Lesson 10
Verse/Refrain—Standard Types

Refrain Line and Lyrical/Musical Form
Title Placement in the Complete Verse/Refrain Song
Musical Setups for the Verse/Refrain Lyric
Verse/Refrain on the 12-Bar Blues
Tools for First Line Emphasis
Deemphasizing the Last Line
Instrumental Hook
Bridge in the Verse/Refrain Song Form
Standard AABA Song Form
Musical/Lyrical Form

Lesson 11
Verse/Refrain—Variations and the Complete AABA Song

Variations of Standard Verse/Refrain Types
Change a Phrase Length
Stack Types Together
Combine Variation Types
Two Part Verse/Refrain
The Complete Verse/Refrain Song without a Bridge
Moving Bridge 2
New Key Bridge
Larger Form—Surprising Moves

Lesson 12
Combination Form: Verse/Refrain and Chorus

The Verse/Refrain Structure
Type 1: Pop Chorus
Type 2: Country Bridge Chorus
The Complete Combination Form


Prerequisites and Course-Specific Requirements

-Familiarity with popular music song form
-Basic proficiency on a harmonic instrument
-Ability to create a melody over a harmonic progression

Software Requirements

-A basic audio recording tool that will allow you to record yourself and save the recording in MP3 format. You will have a tool to use for this purpose inside the learning environment. Alternatively, you can use software like Audacity (PC) or GarageBand (Mac).

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