Voice Over Fees

Quickly and easily hire the perfect voice actor for your project from Mixdown Voices, at almost


The cost for broadcast jobs vary based on the category of work, the sort of market the spot will air in and the duration of time the spot will run. Examples of broadcast jobs include TV, radio and internet ads. Mixdown Voices suggests the following for commercials and ads:





Youtube 1 min

Youtube 3-5 min

Full Media


The cost for non-broadcast jobs vary based on the finished minutes or word count of your script. All projects other than TV, radio and internet ads are categorized as non-broadcast. Mixdown Voices suggests the following budgets for your project:


E-Learning (talento)

E-Learning (Min Based)

Retake Policy

*Included in the suggested budget is the talent cost and the 20% platform fee. 

Professional Services

If your project is complex, or you simply don’t have the time, Mixdown Voices offers Professional Services and we’ll complete the project for you:

We cast from the most qualified voice talent for you.
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Project Managment
We coordinate all project details with the various stakeholders.
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Support with NDAs, contracts, and other legal or vendor requirements.
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Manage translation and localization
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Voice overs cost depends on the category of work, the size of the audience listening to the voice over, the duration of the campaign and if there is an exclusivity required, meaning that the voice actor cannot record for any competing company in an industry.

Usage is a term in the job posting or agreement that limits the scope for how the voice over is to be used. Usage is limited by media (radio, TV or Internet advertising campaign), duration (length of the campaign), or geography (size of campaign typically local, regional, national or global).

A buyout, sometimes called a full buyout, is a term that grants the client unlimited worldwide usage of the voice over recording. The default for non-broadcast, non-promotional work such as recordings for telephone systems, elearning material and podcasts are full buyout with no limits on the term or restrictions on usage.

Mixdown Voices accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, and offers invoicing with flexible payment terms for qualifying accounts.